Saturday, May 2, 2009

"April Showers Bring May Joe Mauers!"

And that indeed, is a true statement.

**Sorry for my delay in blogging, so here is a quick mop up of the series' I missed**

Ok, Starting off with the most important guy: Joe Mauer. I was sitting watching the first inning of the game yesterday and was so excited about this new addition to our team (which we really needed). I was thinking "How awesome would it be if Mauer got a huge hit in his first at bat? Then everybody would go crazy!". Well, it happend! What a guy that Joe Mauer is!

I think Morneau is going to be REALLY good this year am I right? And with his BFF back, he's gunna be even better!

I am very impressed with the series against the Rays. You made them look so stupid on wednesday! And Cleveland was very good as well. And Boston....yeah, we don't even mention that team.

Another thing: How is Mijares SO DANG GOOD!?! He can go 3-0 in a count and come back to strike them out! He has a wicked breaking ball as well. He pitched against John Buck (whose name makes me laugh every time) and threw him the nastiest curve ever!

Something that makes me laugh:
I found this lady in a magazine. Looks like a female version of Kevin Slowey.

What do you think? :)


k-bro said...

Yup, she does look like him, but he's better looking than she is -- if that makes any sense.

Mrs. Slowey said...

that's kinda creepy...

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