Sunday, May 24, 2009

Interleague Rockstars

That is us. We rock when playing the N.L.

Congrats Justin Morneau, who, being agressive as always, launched one to the second deck with the bases loaded (farther than Mauer's, which he loves to do) right after a spat of Gardenhire and the HP ump.

and whoa, Gardee couldn't have gotten his face closer to the umpires'. But, I guess that's what you have to do to get the call reversed!

And...The First Aid Package(s) go to:
~Crede, who got hit hard in the hand that made him hurt so bad he took himself out of the game.
~Kubel, his knee is acting up agian. Hope he gets better so he can continue his home-running
~Span, had some evening sickness today.
~Mauer, just so we can keep him playing ;)

*Note for yesterday's game. Anthony Swarzak (Salami, as I call him) did AWESOME against the brew crew. As not ever seeing him pitch, I had my doubts....which have now been erased. :)


Kristina said...

So sad that Mauer and Crede were both hurt on the same day! It was pretty obvious yesterday how much we need them both offensively and defensively... Mauer especially and we missed some plays at 3rd that Crede would have had no problem with.

... poor dudes :(

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