Friday, May 22, 2009

Cycle, Baybay!

Congrats Michael Cuddyer! Yet another Twin to hit for the cycle, and coming just over a month of Kubel's cycle too! So proud Cud, so proud!

I just happend to come inside to hear that Cuddy was only a triple shy of the cycle. I thought "oh, how extremely hard it would be to hit a triple to get the cycle" and BAM he does it (on the LEFT side too!). It kinda looked like he was crying at 3rd too. Love you Cuddy!

Anyway, SO glad that we ended that nasty streak of losing games and are back on track. 20 runs against the Sox? We should do that more often! Hoorah to Mauer on the GS, and Tolbert, just cus he's tolbert ♥

And Boy, do I LOVE interleague play. Cause we ROCK! Kevin Slowey is like the ace of Interleague, if only we were in Milwaukee so he could hit some more!

~And....2 pictures that make me laugh~ :)

haha. They look upset. I wonder why??

These people were embarrased after looking up at the board at the end of the game...


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