Sunday, April 19, 2009

2009's first sweep.

WHAT a series.

First, there was Kubel, and his spectacular game on Friday. Then the Twins' multirun innings in Saturday's game. Then the best pitching performance by Glen Perkins today capped it all off.

I was at today's game and was so glad I got to see Perk Pitch. He did so good! I was shouting "NO! DON'T TAKE HIM OUT! HE WAS DOING SO GOOD!" and, they listened and I was happy. Morales also made me happy today. He is my favorite kid out there!

I also saw a sign today that said: "We have a fever and the only Rx, is more Kubel!" and thought of Karlee from omgmntwins. Ah, I love Kubel...but he didn't get a hit today so I couldn't go super crazy.

And, I almost forgot Mauer's birthday today until I saw this one kids' sign. So, Happy Birthday Joe! Looking forward to you on May 1st! (Also, Happy Birthday to Buscher (yesterday))

Up Next, Boston. (Relax guys, it's only 2 days...please relax). Please take this momentum to Boston with you. please.


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