Thursday, April 2, 2009


What terrible news on Scott Baker having to start the year on the DL! I bet he was pumped to be the opening day starter, and now he must be feeling just horrible. This is not good.

So we are already going to hurt because of Mauer being out, and now with Baker, our pitching leader, I wonder how the first month(s) will go. I guess they will just have to be super on offense so save their butts on Defense.

As Bill Smith says: "It's a short term thing". Yeah, thats what you said about Mauer, stupid. Now look where he is! The only positive thing, is that Dickey is going to be the No. 5 starter. Now I can watch his awesome (and quite wierd) pitching. But when Baker comes back, I wan't him out (to the bullpen that is!) because we need the best if we are gunna win this thing.

**Back to better things....
Today's game (The Cuddyer Show) Points of interest
~Cuddy at 1st base! Way to play the field Cuddy!
~Cuddyer got 3 RBI's
~Tolbert got an RBI (not a huge deal, I just like making him feel important)
~Liriano did better than last time

Good Luck tomorrow to K-Slow and Liriano on opening day. Boy, I bet he is excited.


sarah-bug said...

Good luck to you guys, too! And thanks for visiting my blog.

Just so you know, one of my fellow Cardinals bloggers has the Cards and Twins playing each other in the WS (and predicts the Twins will win)! :)

You have a great blog! Keep up the good work (and I love your title, by the way)!


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