Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Spring Training expirience :)

Ah, just got back from Florida (sadly, it is still freezing in MN). I have so much to blog about that I can't remember half of it so here it goes.
Ok, so the Twins had lost 2 games in a row before I went to Sunday's game vs. Toronto. They then won vs. Toronto when I was there, Then Monday vs. the Orioles when I was there, Then @ the Marlins' stadium (again I was there). Then the next game they played (Thursday @ Reds' stadium) they lost. Coincidence? I sure hope not.....but then again yes :)

Spring Training games are SO MUCH more fun than regular games. The guys are so relaxed and really nice...well, except Morneau who really hates people I think. I got 7 Autographs in 2 days. It was so cool! AND I got 3 of my top 5 players' autographs

(My top 5 (in order of favorites): Slowey, Tolbert (Recently Added), Blackburn , Harris, &Buscher)

In all, I got: Nathan, Span, Buscher, Tolbert, Pridie, Mijares (he is awesome!), and Harris

Probably my most favorite game was the away game against the Marlins because
1)Slowey pitched AND had 3 RBI's! It was amazing!
2) I got 5 autographs

3) (Most Favorite): Brian Buscher tossed ME the game ball :D (Which, as I calculated, had been: Pitched by Slowey, hitten by a bat, touched by Tolbert, caught by Busch, and tossed to me... ah what a great day it was...

Jeez, Outside baseball is 100% better than indoor baseball. The sun, heat, fresh air. Ah, I can't wait till 2010.

Also, I have become attached to Matt Tolbert. He is what I call my new best friend. He played every game I watched and played the whole time. And...I spyed on him through my binoculars... hehe :)

Please Comment this and tell about your favorite Spring Training expirience. (If you have never gone, you should seriously consider it. The people down there are so nice and I seriously cannot wait to go back to Ft. Meyers!)

**Pictures (mostly of Tolbert) coming soon... **


Tricia said...

It sounds like you had a great time at Spring Training. :-) Maybe Justin had an upset tummy or something. Maybe he's just shy. I hate to think of him being a turkey.

S.Rail said...

haha, I could never picture Morneau shy...but you never know!

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