Thursday, March 5, 2009

Perfect Slowey

Yeah, it's only 3 frames, but no hits or walks is still pretty impressive.

And might I ask, what is with all these injuries? Blackburn, Nathan, Boof, Mauer. Good Gravy! Have we fallen into a unhealthy plague? We need these guys! Without Mauer, I keep forgetting he is even on our team. Where is he anyway? On the couch? At Morneau's house?

As of today we are 4-2. And behind the Angels (I am so sick of them honestly) Baltimore (who would have thought!) and Seattle (they are makeing a comeback, I swear) in the standings.

And Lil' Gardee got an RBI today! Good for him!

P.S. A-Rod may need surgery that will put him out for 4 months! Cha Ching!


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