Saturday, April 4, 2009

Now, the real deal

FINALLY the offseason is over and we can get on to some REAL baseball. However, it is kind of depressing that it is here because if we just had one more month, we could have Baker and Mauer ready for opening day. ugh, why are we plagued with injuries so bad!

Somthing kinda-not really baseball related:
Ok, So I got this stuffed Narwahl for my birthday and it was right after getting back from Spring Training, so I decided to name him Matty T after my Best Friend Matt Tolbert. Turns out that Matt is going to be playing lil' league this start of the season so I will need my Narwahl more than ever to remind me of him. Oh, poor Matt. He did so well this Spring, and now is sent down. I cry for my best friend!
This is it incase you were wondering....
(Isn't he a cutie? That's why I named it after my cute Best Friend Matt Tolbert!)

Ok, back to baseball:

I am glad that we are going into the season with a win. The boys will be in better spirits then. I think that Seattle is going to be a whole lot better this year, so boys? Don't underestimate them. (Unless it's Silva, then maybe)

Also, Jose Morales is so cool. He is on my good side for now. I do hope he does really good to try (I said TRY) to make up for Mauer's awesome-ness behind the plate. I wonder who he'll catch for...Blackburn? Slowey? Those are my guesses.

I will hopefully get those [awesome] pics of [tolbert] Spring Training up soon, and hopefully blog something [GREAT] about our first game of the season on monday.


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