Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The power of the youngins...

That was a GREAT win last night for the Twins! So glad I stayed up to watch. I hate giving up on the Twins because they are the type of team where anything can happen at any time, anywhere. This happend to be one of those games.

I found myself talking to Buscher at his at bat, soothing him by saying "c'mon baby" (after his Nickname; Busch baby). They zoomed up on his head kind of by his ear, so I considered it a sign and kept saying it over. They zoomed up on Morrow (He reminds me of Rob Morrow from 'Numb3rs'), and I whispered to him: "Throw somthing crappy!" And it worked!

I liked how all the young guys came in at the end to put on a show. Way to go lil' ones! I also liked how Casilla came up to bat with an attitude. He took that first pitch, and boy, he didn't miss it. Oh, and Busch hustlin' home was amazing as well. :D

Also, I found this picture of Kevin Slowey with long hair. I like it better short, what do you think?

He has a sunflower on his hat :)


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