Sunday, April 12, 2009

Where are you Joe Mauer!?

'Cause we need you badly. We just lost two [embarrassing] games to the White Sox, and now we are off to play the "Red Hot" Toronto Blue Jays. Please come home soon. Please?

This series reminded me just how much I despise 1) Paul Konerko 2)Jermaine Dye 3) Jim Thome 4) Alexei Rameriez 5) Carlos Quentin & 6) Ozzy Guillen. That is most of their lineup, so basically, I despise the Chicago White Sox. And no, this doesn't include Joe Crede. He has been converted into a mighty fine Twins man.

Finally, Delmon got his batting average off zero, and today he hit a home run. Slowly he is coming back. Lets just say I hope he does better than last year.

Well, Cuddy, I hope you can forgive yourself after making two errors at 1B. But Morneau's kinda been slacking lately, so we needed to mix it up a bit.

Oh, and I love Jose Morales. He looks like a second grader!
Look how innocent that face is. You gotta love it!


Tricia said...

Stupid White Sox is a good tag. Jim Thome in particular is a particular thorn in our side. Phooey!

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