Saturday, April 18, 2009

Holy Kubel!

A Grand Slam? To win the game? And Complete the Cycle?!? Jason Kubel, you are the cheese to this teams' macaroni!

Kubel, I know you hate the attention, but you need a "Kubel Day" once in a while. Yesterday you were the best player in baseball! That has got to feel good. Unfortunatly, you took away Harris' happiness when he hit his homerun....but, I think he'll forgive you.

All I gotta say is maybe we should put Kubel in Left field more often! Sorry Delmy, but you haven't impressed my as of now. Delmy=Makes me nervous and often mad. I was starting to go into a Twins losing "sad-stage", but thanks to Kubel, I'm cured!

You also gotta give some credit to Span too. That 2 run double helped out alot. Who knew that us lil' Twins could beat the "oh-so-good" LA Angels?

Ok Twins, we are in 4th place. Lets fuel off of Kubes' fire, and win!! (K-Slow tonight. He's been struggling, so lets get some rocket bats going!)

P.S. Hi Torii Hunter. We still love you, so be nice to us please! :)


Tricia said...

Hooray Kubel! I knew he was going to hit that grand slam. Knew it. :-)

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