Tuesday, June 9, 2009


sigh. I am really not in a good mood since we cannot possibly win against the suckiest teams in baseball. I thought maybe, just maybe, we could end this crappy road record and start winning some more. I was wrong (unless miraculously we win every single game here in Oakland and in Chicago...).

So last night watched a little bit of the game (up until they got 3 runs..by Tolbert! hehe ) and then went to bed since these 9:10 games are rediculous, and thought this should give them the win tonight. Wrong again. Our pitchers blow our lead. This same thing happend with Slowey (what?!? exactly.). We built a lead, just for him to give up two HR's that eventually beat us.

And Morneau. You're trying too hard and it's making you look like a big pile of SUCK. When you swing, you don't even look at the ball! and you are missing by a mile! Not only you, but the top of the order is not pulling it's weight. Come ON guys. Wake Up here!

I will blog happy soon because the Twins WILL WIN TONIGHT (provided Delmon doesn't start)


For The Love... said...

hey they won! AND Delmon even started...I was shocked when Delmon was doing so well last night...and disturbed.

S.Rail said...

haha No kidding! I was SO SURPRISED when Delmon did so good. I was so proud! :')

For The Love... said...

I was hopeful that maybe we could make a push to trade him finally. Clean up the garbage! :)

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