Saturday, June 20, 2009

Forever Young

Twins baseball for ya last night. No Homeruns or big stuff like that, just the old fasioned bunts, singles, and sacrifices. Just how we like it!

First off, Nick Punto's bunt for the squeeze was PERFECT. Young (we'll talk about him more later) ran it perfectly as well.

Slowey, that superman, got his 10th win. Tied with Halladay, which is pretty spectacular. Can you say SLOWEY THE ALL-STAR? :)


Any last but not least, Delmon Young. He has made me happy these past few weeks, and yeserday, he won the game with his hitting...and fielding. The homerun saver was amazing (even though Gomez did look awesome scaling that wall...). Keep it up Delmon (and hit a homerun...that will make me EXTRA happy!) ;)

Baker tonght=Lots of K's. Run support tonight please!


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