Sunday, June 21, 2009

Down under

Again. We try so hard to go over .500 let alone reach .500, and then just fall. Today's bat's were ICE. We got nothing.

Can we just forget that game? It's kind of hard too. 4 games back, 1 game ahead of Chicago, and once again 1 below .500. I guess there is some positives....

1) We are going to Milwaukee, and they just got swept and so it's the perfect time to beat them again.
2) Kevin Slowey gets to bat on Thursday in Milwaukee... (LIE! he is batting when in St.Louis on the 27th because of "sore ribs". Sad day folks, sad day)
3) I hate Detroit >:(

Congrats Cuddy, on your homerun for the only Twins run today and to Brian Buscher who got the other hit.

Not much else to say about today's blah game. So sorry to all the dads that came out to the dome to see a pittiful performance, and to Joe Mauer, whose 12 game hitting streak ended today.


Tricia said...

Ick is right. It's past time for the boys to go on their annual June hot streak. Last year the games in Milwaukee seemed to be what got it going, so let's hope it works out that way again.

Betsy said...

slowey's start got pushed back to no slowey batting. :(
it'll be baker instead

S.Rail said...

Ugh, but he's so good in Milwaukee!! :(

I checked the "probable pitchers" before I posted and Slowey was scheduled for Thursday. Just checked again and you are right. Any reason why?

S.Rail said...

Oh I see "soreness in rib area"
Hmmmmm...I hope he doesn't end up like Halladay.

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