Monday, August 25, 2008


Oh how I wish we could have won the series. But I guess I'll look on the bright side: We won 2 out of 4. That isn't bad or anything, but winning against them is so rewarding that I wanted them to win again. I am such a selfish Twins Fan. :P

At least the 2 games we lost weren't blowouts. Man, we almost had them yesterday! Gomez, keep your eye on the ball please!

I am also very happy with Torii Hunter. It almost seemed like he was telling us: "hey, we have the AL West in the bag, I'll help you guys win the AL Central, ok?" Good Ol' Torii, I miss him, but where would we be if we still had him on our team?

And way to got Justin Morneau of Breaking out of your Angel slump and hitting a homer and a RBI double yesterday. And Slowey, nice pitching, It wasn't your fault we lost!

Up next, Seattle. Twins? PLEASE DON'T BE STUPID THIS TIME!!! We can beat these guys and Liriano is gunna shut them down defensivly, so all we need is the offense!

P.S. Wasn't it funny that Span got ejected AFTER the game was over? That umpire must have lost his marbles!


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