Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Go Slowerz!

Slowey! Slowey! Slowey! You pitched awesome last night. I mean, you pitched a shutout to the first place Chicago White Sox!

Span hit a 2 run homer, and Morneau hit a two run homer....and I was just thrilled to know that we were not gunna get swept for sure, and that we were gunna gain a game on them for first. I can just taste first place for the Twins!!

I also got really excited when they put GoGo in for the first time since his smash against the wall and he hit a single and eventually scored on Harris's two run double. You could sooo tell by the way he ran that he was still in some pain from the accident...but hey, he still runs as fast as lighting!

Tonite is the Perkins, who lost for only his first time in nearly 2 months in his last start and he is going up against someone who has not pitched in the majors this year. This is the time for the Twins to capitalize!!


Tricia said...

Hooray for Slowey! I'm guessing he'll only get better over time. Can you imagine a rotation with Slowey the Ace, Baker, and Liriano in his 2006 form? That would be too great.

S.Rail said...

I really wish that Liriano could come up and take Hernadnez's place...he makes me so nervous when he pitches. If Hernandez went down (not likely) and Liriano came up...man o man would we have a solid rotation with Slowey the Ace leading the way ;)

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