Monday, July 14, 2008

First Half Complete

What a great first half. Here are somethings I am happy about:
>We are in second (almost 1st) place in our division
>We have gone so far without Santana, Bartlett, Hunter, Silva etc.
>Casilla has grown up so much
>Brian Buscher kicks ass
>At one point we had won 10 games streight
>We have so many speedsters now (Casilla, Punto, Gomez, Span)

Here are things I am not so happy about:
>Pat Neshek out for the rest of the year
>Swept by both Sox

There are more happy things than bad things...a good sign.

I am really bummed right now because I am going to the Twins game on Friday and Slowey was scheduled to start but with a finger injury (what a surprise!), got moved back to the end of the now Perkins is pitching.

I'm scared.

Well, The Detroit Series was a great one. 3-4 is not bad. And we are 1.5 back from the Sox. Oooohh! I want them in first place soon!

And one more thing: I nearly forgot that Adam Everett is on our team....

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