Saturday, July 5, 2008

Little Nicky Punto?

Was that guy out there in the number 8 jersey Nick Punto??

Boy has he ever kicked butt these past few days. The roller to Casilla for the force Wednesday, then the homer and the bases clearing double yesterday. Whew! His new name should be Mighty Nicky Punto!

And, yeah....Delmy did good too (Dam *secret swear*, I hate that I hate him and then he does good...). He is finally getting his swing...but he still has a long way to go to beat last years homerun record (16).

And the Pitching this past week? Awesome....except Jesse Crain, my new target to cuss at when I am mad (I seriously thought we were gunna lose in the 9th yesterday because he was in....thats how much i don't trust him).

Today is Slowey day (yeahaa) and we are gunna K-Y-L those Indians...again! GO SLOWERZ!


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