Monday, July 28, 2008

The Big Series

4 Game Series against who? The Leading (by only two and a half games) Chicago White Sox.

I am soooooo excited for this series. We have a great oppertunity to take the lead in the AL Central AND we are the home team.

Saturday's game was a great Game for Brian Buscher. I didn't get to watch the first half, but when I was watching the second half on TV, the got 9 runs by that time and they wouldn't say who drove in all those runs until the end when they told everyone Buschbaby had gotten 5 RBI's. Way to go Buschbaby!

Well Twins, I do hope you win tonite...and tomorrow, and the whole series. Just please don't make Asses of yourselves.

And one more thing, GO SLOWEY!


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