Sunday, June 29, 2008

Spectacular Slowey's Shutout

And this is why I love Kevin Slowey.

Twi nnz: 5 Mil Walk E: 0 (Thats right, ZERO)

Pitching a shutout, going up against the ace for Millwaukee, Kicking ass: all add up to a perfect game.

Young even hit a homerun! And Gardee put Lamb in the lineup (wow. He looks like crap with that beard) and HE hit a single. Gomez had a great catch and RBI triple to add to the party.

Twins are back on a winning streak and 1/2 game behind Chicago (if they lose).

Boof, I feel a bit sad for you out there isolated from your starter friends, so I decided to photoshop you.

I'm in the mood for some Boof Berry...*ick*

Kevin Slowey sure showed some class today...I hope the other pitchers catch on to his awesome-ness....except Blackburn...he is already awesome...


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