Monday, June 2, 2008

Inconvenient Truth

Yesterday's game scared me to death when Blackburn got hit by Abreu's liner up the middle. I care for Blackburn almost as much as I do Slowey...almost. When he was on the mound legs and arms spread, I thought: Oh My Gosh. and then started freaking out...then calmed down when he stood up. I was also relived when the X-rays turned out negative and he only has a bruised upper lip and side of his nose. They said on that if it hadn't hit his glove first, then it could have been a lot worse. AND Blackburn is still expected to pitch on Friday. What made me really happy is that Abreu was praying for Blackburn, and later he went to talk to Blackburn to see if he was ok. Out of all the Yankee's, Abreu is now my favorite.

Despite having little warm-up time, Kick-Ass-Bass did great. To be specific, the whole bullpen did great. They gave up no runs. The only run came from Jeter's homer off Blackburn, and 3 pitches after that, Blackburn was hit and left the game.

Cuddyer drove in most of the runs (3) and Morneau got an unofficial Innie. The outfielders bobbled it so many times, that Morneau just kept going. Unfortunatly, they called it a triple with an error. Morneau got really sweaty... :D

Tonite's game is Hernandez vs. Pettite. I do hope that we can split the series, and the white sox lose so we can be on top!


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