Monday, May 12, 2008

Feels like a Sweep to me.

Ok, so we lost one of four games therfore not sweeping the Red Socks. But Holy Goloshes. Taking 3 of 4 from the Champions? That feels great.

Yesterday, Craig Monroe kept swingin' a hot bat. With 2 homers Sunday, and 2 RBI's Monday, HE is telling Gardee to keep him in the lineup. (This makes Kubel Cry...and hit people)

But Lamb's luck stopped Dead. 3 Double plays ( was Delmy's fault) but still.

And sad day for Gomez. He got picked off, therefor getting a 'Caught Stealing'. he is now 16-3 on stolen bases :(

But tonite, my Favvvvorettest pitcher is pitching: *Kevin Slowey!!*

Wow, if we just had that Punto back...

Tonite's line-up vs. the Jays is nearly perfect:

Gomez=Harris=Mauer=Morneau=Cuddyer=Monroe=Young=Lamb=*enter Punto here*Everett
...and of course, Slowey

How perfect.

We gotta win these guys...expecially Shannon Stewart...dun dun dunnnn

Can I get a 21-17??


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