Saturday, May 10, 2008

bah, bah, Mike Lamb. Have you any hits?

Yes indeedily doo.

Mike Lamb (who wasn't even sapposed to be playing...) got the winning hit to lead the Twins over the Red Sox 7-6. Whooo Lamby! *bah*

Just for a note, I DID NOT give up on the Twins the whole game. After being at the Twins vs. Tigers game where they came back from 6, I will never give up on them again.

Now, I can know we won't get swept. huzzah~

Poor Punto wants to play so bad...but he hurts, like heartburn...

It's ok Boof Bonser. I know that you feel like crap since you give up 6 runs per game...but thats what the Twins offense it for! :)

And Tolbert, without you, Young would have never scored! So claps for you.

***Important Twins News***
We most likely saw the last of Neshek Thursday. He tore a legament in his elbow and therapy is between 3-4 months...which equals the entire season. Dang. He was a great threat because he intiminates so many peoples.

~Today is Dice-K (5-0) vs. Perkins (0-0)

You know, Morneau IS due for a homer here....*cough*

Go get em' Twins.


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