Sunday, May 4, 2008

Todays game was awesome....because I was there

My first live twins game of 2008 was pretty spectacular.

Wow, I almost cried for boof and myself in the first inning. I mean EVERYBODY in Detroits Lineup (cept 1) had a hit for the Tigers in the first cycle of everyone...and then the Twins came in and did nothing...till the 4th inning.

At first, I was fine that we had 1 run...I just thought "well, at least we can't be shut out..."

Punto's little double/triple thing really changed my mind and at that point...I knew we were gunna win.

And, then good ol' Mauer, who always pulls through, got the game leading single.


It was even more awesome because today was Gardenhire bobble head day. Unfortunatly, Gardee wasn't there (mucho condolenses Gardee, mucho, mucho condolenses...) But hey, who says Ulliger is doing bad? He's gotten the Twins a sweep. I am sure Gardee is very proud.

In honor of Nathan making a super save, I bought a Nathan jersey in memory of him. *randomly admires Gardee bobblehead*

BTW, the last game (That Kick ass Bass got the win of) was very awesome. I thought that when Ordoniez tied the game, it was going to be a very close game....wrong i was.

In that game, Brenden Harris hit a homerun, so he is now in 3rd place in the Twins HR club.

Random thoughts:
~Seeing Brenden Harris play up close makes me love him even more...
~Happy Birthday Matt Tolbert AND **KEVIN SLOWEY**

**Today, I also got to see Kubel's new baby in it's stroller being pushed by Mr. Kubel himself.

Ah, Great game...

When is Slowey coming back?


Kayla said...

rumor has it kevin's coming back on thursday. if not then, on the 10th for shizzle.

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