Tuesday, May 20, 2008

An awkward, yet awesome, game

It appears that the Interleague games provoked Gardee to have the pitchers bat in the game yesterday. And If he didn't do that, then Bobby Korecky Wouldn't have gotten his first Major League hit...and win for that matter.

Extra inning games are the Best. Expecially when we win.

Bonser pitched a really good game, yet they couldn't maintain a 4-2 lead.

But good ol' Mauer always comes through when you need him. I know that the Twins would win this game because I never give up on them anymore.

And Alexi Casilla hit a 3 run homer, yes, HOMER. That made me nearly faint. He's trying to prove gardee that he can do good...

We need a sweep bad. We gotta knock those Sox off the top...because thats where we belong.

One more thing. Brenden Harris' at bat in the 9th scared the crap outta me. On the radio, Gordon's says: He sets (heart races) and here's the pitch (shudders) STRIKE THREE? NO!!
Me: AHHHHHHH...whew...and then he walked...huzah


Tricia said...

That was a crazy game. I almost wish I would've stayed up to watch it. Almost. Gotta get my beauty sleep though. The important thing is, the Twins won. Hooray!!

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