Saturday, May 24, 2008

Satisfied Slowey

Slowey got his first win of the season and It couldn't have come at a better time. Everybody in the American League Central is on a losing streak (Cleveland, 7 game losing streak..ouch) except for our wonderful Twins. We are only 2 games behind Chicago, who lost to LAA, and are 2 games ahead of the Indians.

Lamb scored 4 of the twins' 9 runs. He hit his first homer which I knew was gunna happen soon. (Now all we need is for Young to hit one out). Everyone in the lineup got at least one hit, and many got walked more than once.

Ah, I feel very happy when the Twins win. It gives me a boost of happiness for the day.

I think we should sweep them again, and I think that the LA Angels should beat the crap out of the Chisox.

BOOF. here he comes.


Staci said...

Slowey has deserved that win for so long. I am glad he finally got it.

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