Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sweet, Sweet Gomez

OMGZ! You do not know how happy I felt when I opened the sports section this morning to relize that you had hit for the cycle? VERY HAPPY. I mean, I was thinking after you hit your triple and Homerun that maybe, just maybe you were gunna hit the cycle...and you did! First time since 1986 Baybee!! Yayaa Gomezzz! **P.S. you know, you don't have to run the bases like a wildman when you get a homer... ;)

Also: Who drove in [nearly] all the runs last night? (Are you thinking Morneau? Well, your WRONG) it was punto, yes, PUNTO. You know, Mr. I-sucked-butt-in-2007-but-am-really-awesome-this-year-so-put-me-in-the-starting-lineup-plz? Yeah. My Jaw dropped to the floor when I read this. more time: P-U-N-T-O batted in 5 runs.

And Livan, who deserve lots of credit too. If it wasn't for stupid Chowmein Dye, you would have gotten a shutout. Nice pitching. 5-1? Not too bad, better than all the other Twins pitchers...

And Today's game...aka SLOWEY'S GAME was at freakin' 1:05...which is the time I am in perfect. *rolls eyes* I sat there all through class wanting to run home to see how the game ended up...

Annnd, they lost. *bubble bursted*

But it wasn't technically Slowey's fault. He didn't do that bad...I mean, he's been gone for a month and 4 GIVE HIM A BREAK JEEZ! *sobs*

Okay, so today we lost 6-2...and you can't complain i guess...the Twins just used up all their runs yesterday. we are 1 game over Chicago...and guess who's coming to the Dome?

Red Sox.

Ohhh great.

Dear Twins:

Love Me ^-^


L said...

Oh worries, he'll do better again. I mean, he's gorgeous, speaks like four languages, and throws nasty. It's a win-win-win.

I go to school in Boston, like...right next door to Fenway park, and the first Twins game I'm going to when I get home is one of them vs the Sox.

I just find that funny.

S.Rail said...

you know it! (x2 on the gorgeous part) ;)

P.S. Way to stick up for the Twins when there is so much pressure of those Sox fans over there. Way ta be STRONG!! :)

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