Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Well, That was embarassing...

See, this is what offdays do to Twins.

The slack off for 1 day, and they get CREAMED (1 run, one hit) by a team who has lost 6 in a row and we've won 5....how does this work?

At least we got one hit...Thank you Mauer...thank you. (by doing this, Mauer's average jumped .007 points!) I didn't care about the score in the 7th inning on, I just wanted a hit...and thank god we got one...in the 9th inning.

Well, Lets just win tomorrow and everything will be back to normal...sorta.

It appears to be true that Slowey is coming back on Thursday...but with that, Baker has been moved to the DL with a strained groin muscle...ouch. So we have: Hernandez, Boof, Blackburn, and Slowey....who's gunna be number 5? Glen Perkins. (oh joy *rolls eyes*) I don' think they like Liriano anymore...

Stupid Sox....and expecially Jermain Dye...It sounds like Chowmein Dye....yuck.


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