Monday, May 19, 2008

A bowl full of sadness

Apparently, on Saturday, the Twins had a big bowl of sadness and pathetic-ness for breakfast. The did TERRIBLE (cept Slowey...I always gotta back him)

Twins, YOU CANNOT LEAVE A MAN AT 3rd WITH NO OUTS/ 1 OUTS. Nearly Every hit was a Extra base hit and we couldn't score. Morneau was the only one that took charge. After Leaving Harris on 2nd with no outs in the first, I was like, ok...we'll get it next time...I was very wrong. We left Cuddy (who by-the-way, almost got an innie...) at third base with no outs. We should have EASILY had won that game. Good Job Slowey. Bullpen: ouuuuchhhhie.

We are back at home which is somewhat comforting. Then again...we are playing the Rangers who, right now, are better than us. Stupid Hamilton...

Another HR was added to who else, Justin More No.

Poor Slowey had another loss, which wouldn't have happend if...I am not even going to go there. He even almost got a single that would have scored a run. And Everette got intentionaly walked...I bet he feels like a Macho Everette now.

Slowey is dreaming for a win....we should give it to him. If we can get him some run sapport...

He's day dreaming for a win....

And...Poor Gomez may be going to the DL. That means that darn Span is going to be called up.

Know what I think of Span?

Nuff' Said.


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