Thursday, May 22, 2008

...We just got whipped by Ponson...ouch

Yeah....this is really depressing.

We lost (by alot) to the Rangers, and Sidney Monsoon kicked, our, ASSES.

It was a terrible game to watch expecially during that 7 run inning. Poor Blackburn...

At least we didn't get shutout.

And Today's game wasn't much better. We lost in Xtra innings when Hamiltion hit a homer ( I hate Hamilton with a passion) and we lost in the 10th. Gomez was 4-4 in normal innings, but 0 for 1 in Xtra innings. Livan got shaken quickly in the first when the Rangers scored 4 runs, but we came back (including 3 RBI's for Gomez...that is with a HR).

The Rangers and the Twins had like the same games. First we win in extra innings, then beat the crap out of them...then They beat the crap out of us, and win in extra innings...weird

U.G.H. We need Wins! If we could have won all them, it would have been helpful because Cleveland was playing Chicago.

Know what would make my day? If the Twins swept the Tigers again....



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