Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blackburn's Gem....wasted


That was the worst thing ever that could have happend to blackburn. He pitched his ass off, and then Delmy/Nathan....mostly Delmy...just ripped his hard work to pieces. I was so ticked off for Blackburn. I bet that Blackburn wanted to scream and punch Delmy's lights out. I wanted Blackburn to get a shutout so bad!

Delmon ticks me off. Offense: Sucks Defense: was good, now sucks. The only reason they keep playing him is because he is on a Quote "playing streak". But is on a terrible 0 for his last TWELVE at bats. Yuck.

Thank you Cuddyer for getting the game winning hit. If the Twins lost that game, I think i would have probably gone insane.

Please Hernandez, keep the Royals on a losing streak.

Please Gardee, Bench Young.

Please Gomez, keep being speedy.

Please Morneau, when running bases, at least give SOME effort.

Thank you Twins.


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