Sunday, May 11, 2008

Twins Tidbits

Ok, Right now, I am in amazement because Adam Everette hit a 2 run HR against Wakefield.

And Know what jerks my chain? (which favors teams like Yankee's and Boston) said in an article: "Wakefield is 13-4 against Minny"

Minny? MINNY? WHAT?!?!? That is the GAYEST name for us I have ever seen in mah LIFE. is stupid...just downright gay.

Anyway, so the game right now is 7-4....and it WAS 7-1...but nooo (blackburn...u.g.h. man)

So, Wakefield had to leave in the 3rd. Ha Ha. *stupid*

I hope that Blackburn can maintain a lead and NOT HIT 2 BATTERS IN A ROW. thank you.

P.S. Mauer...your average is more I-lead-the-AL-in-batting-AVG. man...HIT THE BALL (like...over the fence for once)


Tricia said...

It seems like Blackburn pitches better when he doesn't get run support, which is weird. For sure he plunked Pedroia, but I think Ellsbury needs to learn to bunt.

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