Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hey Sox,

Whaaa? Whats this? Who's gunna be in First place soon? NOT YOU! ha haaa.


~Twins win (yesterday) 3-1
~Twins win (today) 4-3

Tink! Another coin in the Kubel homerun can.
....and 2 coins in Nathan's save jar.

Today, they said Gomez won the game, when actually, the whole team contributed (i.e. Morneau, Harris, Blackburn) But if there was a player of the game, Gomez is him. Wow Speedy have 11 stolen bases, you lead the list in the AL :)

Also, kudos for Bonser. YOU ACTUALLY GOT RUN SUPPORT *cough*. 8 K's...weeka wee...

Twins Tidbits: Everette is coming back on Friday....yaaay *rolls eyes*

It would make me feel really good if we were in first place for once...(or a long time)

Go Twins, Go.

-pssst: Now lets sweep Detroit ;)


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