Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I hate off Dayz

Well, The Twins aren't playing today....but I am finding it quite entertaining watching the Red Socks beat the Tigers quite bad.

And I also find it funny that the Tigers haven't won yet. I mean, they got so many good players this offseason, and i was quite scared....but wow...i was wrong......very wrong

ugh...it feels like Cuddy has been gone for weeks already...yet its only been 4 days.
Cuddy, next time, slide feet first. Don't be like Gomez who slides head first all the time. Somehow he doesn't break his fingers because he's super gomez, but you are no super gomez, you are a cuddy buddy, and Cuddy Buddy's can't do that.

soo, since its an off day, (which is really weird since it's in the middle of a series....) I will go be in denial in my room staring at my poster of Johan Santana that I refuse to take down....



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