Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sad Day Liriano, Sad Day

Congratulations to Craig Monroe and Carlos Gomez in becoming the 4th and 5th members to join the Homerun Club.


Yeaah...nice shot. I think you just wanted to add some more RBI's to that game. 3 hits and 3 RBI's? not bad, not baahaaahaad. oh crap i got Lambitis.


YEAHH!! I am so proud that you hit a homerun! (even more excited than Monroe's..shh don't tell him). You are so little, yet have so much powah! =D

---HR CLUB:---
~Kubel (3)
~Harris (1)
~Monroe (1)
~Gomez (1)

Ok, so right now the Twins are playing the A's, and are losing 2 to 11 because Liriano is a...yeah. Liriano gave up 50 bazillion runs and couln't make it past 2 outs before Mr. "kick ass" Bass came in to save him (not really).So much for staying at .500....*UGH*

I am praying Slowey returns soon to save us all.


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