Friday, April 11, 2008

Twins, KC

For Today's game, I am going to go through the play by play, well not really. Just going to pick out some interesting things that happen throughout the innings...

Top o' da First:
~Tolbert bunt singles, in the same spot Gomez did 1 pitch before~
~And, Morneau does what he always does: Grounds out in the infield...~

Bottom o' da First:
Livan walks one, K's one, inning done.~
~Livan's "Livan on a prayer" reminds me of a song by Jon Bon Jovi~
~*breaks out in song*

Score: 0-0

Top of thee Second:
Delmy Walks...and ICE Kubes is next~
~Well, lets just say, Kubel didn't take his Anxiety pills and struck out....~
~Delmy makes it a little easier for Harris, and steals second (2)...good job Delms~
~WiLd PiTcH, Delmy: 3rd, 1 out... cmon' harris old buddy ol' pal, DRILL IT....or..walk i guess...~
~Here's Mike Lamb: The King of Doubles......K's....~
~And the person to step up is: *ta daa* Denard Span! (rbi single) (1st in Major Leegz)~
~Gomez: 2 RBI Double. Nice job Speedy.~
~Wow, Tolbert, wtf is with you? YOU ROCK! (rbi single)~

Bottom of the Second:
Single by Alex Gordon...he scares me and i don't know why...i think he hides in my closet =S~

Score: 4-0 Twins

Top of the Third:
~Justin bombs one over the Right Field Fence~

Bottom of the Third:
~WTF kinda name is Grudzielanek? His new name is Crudzie~

Score: 5-0 Twins

Top of the Fourth:
Wouldn't it be great if Gomez hit a Homerun?~

Bottom of the Fourth:
Creepy Alex Gorden hits a double

Score: 5-0 Twins

Top of the Fifth:
Tolbert has gotten on base every single at bat~
~It is so windy Kauffman Stadium, Garbage is rolling all over the field.~
~Tolbert gets his 1st Majur Leege Steel! *golf claps*~
~Twins had a chance to score runs, but KC Int. Walked Morneau...and Young,grounded into DP.

Bottom of the Fifth:
~Livan gets out of a jam of the bases loaded. Awesome Livan, Awesome.~

Score: 5-0 Twins

Top of the sixth:
~2 K's...1,2,3 inning~

Bottom of the sixth:

Score: 5-0 Twins

Top of the Seventh:
~Gomez hit his first Triple in the Major Leagues~
~It is 42 degrees thats warmer than this cold and SNOW IN MN IN APRIL...~

Bottom of the Seventh:
~1,2,3 Quickie For Livan

Score: 5-0 Twins

Top of the Eighth:
Another Morneau walk...yippee~
~Kubes, Kubes, try soo hard to beat Morneau in most Homeruns don't you? its ok...
~Harris! Single! Harris! Rocks! Harris! <3!~>Bottom of the Eighth:
~Jessie Crain replaces Livan. Livan: You are so awesome. Nice job today! ahem- Livan:3-0~
~1,2,3 inning. Span gets 1st OF assist! ~

Score: 5-0 Twins

Top of the Ninth
~Matt Tolbert is awesome...where the heck did he come from?~

Bottom of the Ninth:
~Joe Nathan replaces Jessie Crain~
~Ross Gload looks like a boy puppet.... kinda looks like this: =D ~
~Nathan strikes out 1~

Score: 5-NADA, ZILCH, ROOSTER EGG (ha, inside joke), ZEEEERO

Twins Win.

Player of the game: Matt Tolbert...just cuz he is awesome...and nobody knows who he is...^_^


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