Monday, April 14, 2008

TJ Surgery a BAD thing??

Most pitchers who have Tommy John Surgery are most likely done with their career.

In this case, not for Liriano.

Sure, he walked 5 batters, gave up 4 runs. But hey, its his first time in the majors in nearly a year and a half. He DID only give up 6 hits. He DID strike out 4. He's no Santana (btw, Santana's record is 1-2), but he will get better. The Twins didn't exactly have a great day yesterday (yeah really, 3 hits? C'mon boys!). Liriano's ERA isn't bad. Hey, it's only 1.04 more than Rincon's...

On other notes, my "Favoretest" Twin is on the DL, and no, it isn't Cuddyer. I am now going to sit here waiting for the 15 days to be up before Slowey comes back. For now, I am going to have to pick a new favorite twin until he gets back. Hmm...Mauer/Morneau? Nah, too common.'s always gunna be my buddy...Mr.King o' Doubles Lamb? to bah-ey. Harris...ah he's gunna be always my buddy...along with Kubel. Everett? ha..he's a funny lil' guy..and reminds me of an elf when he has his hat on. Ah Ha! Blackburn! (<--Random). He's a really good pitcher...and yeah, i pick blackburn.... Right now, I am eating this Twins malt cup says: "official ice cream treat of the MN Twins"....but every Kemps icecream thing has whats the point...just say; Kemps: official Ice Cream of the MN twins. Tonite the Twins play the Tigers. They SHOULDN'T LOSE....but you never know...If they win...I hope blackburn gets the win. If...If...If...(lolz Bert)


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