Tuesday, April 15, 2008

All I can say

...is WOW.

Wow is Tigers...NOT Twins.

WOE is Twins.

So, i guess we are going to blow TWO leads TWICE. That's great....just super. NOT TO HAPPEN AGAIN.


Whoa..rough night huh? You're lucky you dumped the loss on Neshek. I personally think you should have gotten the Loss...no offense...kay? I hope this doesn't effect your pitching later...but...geez man! You CAN'T leave those pitches hangin' like that! You know what happens then don't you? Homeruns, Extra Base hits...RUNS. We had that game in the bag, and you kinda blew it. Sorry Buddy.

Sincerely Yours (not really),
~A fan that still has faith in you

So last nights game was so exciting...until we started losing. That is when i decided to screw that and go to bed. I was not happy...with Guerrier and/or Neshek at that point. Since then we have reconciled. (I just hope they do better next time....or else)

In other newz:

Morneau vs. Ice Kubes
Back and forth. Morneau homer, Kubel Homer, Morneau RBI, Kubel RBI. They are both tied at 3 Homeruns, 11 RBI's.
Watch out Morneau. You've got compitition. GO KUBES!


Anonymous said...

I agree. Morneau and Kubel are fighting for something.

Kayla said...

morneau > kubel ;)

S.Rail said...

ha ha agree! Well, depends on my mood...sometimes Morneau can really tick me off *cough* grounding out in the infield *cough*

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