Monday, April 28, 2008

Random thoughts

So, another off day. What the heck is with all these off days!? They need to stop...because..If I don't have Twins game to watch, me go a little bit crayzeee.

I am just going to ramble on some thoughts

~Mauer has gotten bigger, same with Cuddy. My dad thinks Cuddy is on steroids...

~Punto has turned into a mad man...makes me think of The Incrible Hulk...The Incredible Punto....hmm

~Everett looks like a little girl with brunette name for him: Everette

~Liddle likes to pretend to be an astronaut in his helmet down at third base

~I think Gomez is hot...and I am not ashamed to say it!!

Really bored this offday? Go check out this
awesome vid on Kayla's blog. *hint hint* It has slowey in it *hint hint*

Up next? BitchSox: Take Two


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