Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cheers for Lamb (and Rincon i guess)

Hey Lammy! Guess what! You won the game! Nice job buddy...You should feel very special. *bah*

Rincon, you got the win, so yaay for you *sarcastic cheers*

Hey Bartlett:

Still wish you were with us? That could of been you that scored the winning run. Too bad you let TWO runs score on your THIRD error with TWO outs. Did you miss the metrodome? (you should cause it's fricken awesome). I bet you miss Punto. Now there are no more parahnaS...just parahnA (single, NOT plural). But you can always pretend...

Even tho you are on another team, I miss you Peary!!
~Yo favritist fan eva,
Anonymous :P

-The Morneau vs. Ice Kubes Battle:
Well Kubes, lets just say your not winning.
HR: 1* Morneau (4) 2* Kubes (3)
RBI: 1* Morneau (13) 2* Kubes (12)

One more thing:
Gomez leads everyone in the American League in Steals! Yeaaah....something to be excited about since nobody else on the Twins Roster is winning at anything ( At this point!) Muhahaha...


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