Sunday, April 20, 2008

A blackout by Blackburn; and a great pitchers duel for Baker

Blackburn, You is amazin'. You make Indians sit and cry. I love you :P
Score: Twins 3, Indians NADA

My opinions of the the game:

-Morneau! You gotz 5 HRs!
-Punto, those wildman throws to first for a double play were AWESOME
-Blackburn: Congrats on your first win in the Major Leagues!

Also, Happy Belated Birthday to Mauer and Reyes!
<--Mauer & Reyes Discussing Birthday Party Ideas

*Anyways, For todays game (ha we won! In yo face BYRDIE!) Baker did supah good. And might I add,I have a VERY special announcement: Harris has been excepted to the HR club!
HR Club:
~Morneau: (5)
~Kubel (3)
~HARRIS! (1)

Harris, my opinion was the P.O.G. (ha pog..pogger) because he got the game tying run, and scored the game WINNING run (yes, I know that Morneau pulled through and won for us, but i still think Harris did a better job)

Harris hit a homerun just less than 2 hours after Gardee was asked on "The Gardenhire Radio show" why there were only 2 Twins that had hit homeruns, and his respose was:

"Yeah, you know thats just how the season goes, I know that Young will be hitting
a bunch this year and Lamb is due to hit one and we also know that Gomez and
HARRIS can hit the ball far also."

To Morneau:
Wow, you really surprised me. I thought for sure you were going to strike out there in the 10th inning...but you showed me.Good job budie!

To Gomez:
Nice Catch in Center! That saved the game you know. Good thing you got your wind back so you didn't have to have Span come in for you.

P.S. You need to learn how to bunt.

Twins are tied for 2nd in the ALC! (2.5 games behind Chicago) (3 games ahead of Detroit)

Up Next (Tuesday) Twins vs. Oakland (the land of oaks, and LeCroy)


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