Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Starting off on the right foot

Twins Won...and Torii Hunter went 0-4.

Ha Ha Ha

Now I am scared. He will probably go 4-4 tonite....oh wait, we have BOF pitching tonite! I hope that he just knocks them down. *evil laughs*

Is Gomez Playing? He should seriously play every single game....He did sooo many good things yesterday...then he got interviewed by Mr. Bankie (aka Dick Bremer) and he talks soo cute! I loved the way he talked in his Dominican accent.

Also, Morneau needs to STEP IT UP a little today. He cannot hit ANYTHING out of the infield! *headdesk*

The Twins are right up with Cleveland, and KC, (ha ha Detroit Lost =P) at 1 and 0 which makes me feel special since we are kind of like the underdogs.

Good luck tonite Boys, and if you are playing Morneau, HIT THE DAMN BALL.

And Gomez, Keep it up kiddo.



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