Thursday, September 4, 2008

Running Out Of Gas?

Wow. The Twins have been exceptionaly suckish on this road trip.
Bullpen: Suckish
Offense: Suckish
Defense: Suckish
Starting Pitching: Decent

We are pretty much looking at a sweep here in Toronto unless the Twins can pull off 4 runs in to innings... Kevin Slowey gives up 3 runs, you seriously can't blame anything on him. Why do we do so bad against bad teams!?!? I can tell you right now that the way the Twins are playing right now is NOT going to take them to the playoffs.

I am so scared for the Tampa series. Even more scared than the White Sox Series. If we lose all 4 games against the Rays, we are screwed, done, no playoffs, nothing.

But didja here? Carlos Quentin has an injury! Cha Ching! The Karma is sneaking up on them!

Before I leave and watch the Twins lose (they now have 1 2/3 innings to get 4 runs)...wait make that 1 1/3 innings.

P.S. I LOVE MATT TOLBERT! I am so happy he's back! He did so good yesterday while everyone else sucked (i.e. Pridie, Punto)

Oh by the way, they have 1 inning now.


Tricia said...

This road trip has been brutal. Yuck!!

S.Rail said...

I thought we could have done WAY better on that roadtrip. Why are the Twins doing so bad when we need them to be doing good??

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