Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rain Rain go away....

Cuz I wanna watch some Twins Baseball here!!!

Ok, I am a very lazy blogger and am sorry of the delay(s) so here we go on the recap of the week:

~We gained a whole 1.5 games in 1 day
~As of Today we are 1 game behind, have 2 games today while the sox have ZERO! (yay!)
~Blackburn and Slowey got a win!
~Guerrier blew another game on a day we could have gained ground...darn Guerrier...
~We lost both coinflips on who gets home-field advantage in a tie situation :(
~Morneau is only 4 RBIs behind Hamilton for RBI leaders!!!!!
~Liriano got cheated Thursday :(
~Twins are awesome (cept Matt Guerrier as of now)

Yes. A good and bad week. Mostly good.

And as of now, Morneau is only 2, yes, TWO! RBI's behind Hamilton. hoorah! And we are beating the Orioles! Hoorah again! (In game uno)

I have also come to a conclusion on why we have been so terrible the past 3/4 weeks: It's because Harris hasn't been able to play that often. And when you think about it, he didn't get to play hardly at all. Brenden Harris is the Key to Success! :-D

Anyway, lets hope the Twins win tonite, and they will [most likely] win tonite unless the Birds can come back from being down 7-2 in the 7th against BOOF-ie.

I can tell you know that I am really nervous for when we go to St.Petersburg....soooo nervous.


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