Monday, September 15, 2008

'Bulls Eye'

And the new name for the Twins ballpark is...*drum roll*...Target Field? uh...ok. I kinda thought they'd name it something a little more sparklier than that. Maybe it means the Twins will hit a bulls eye with their homeruns....who knows.

Today the Twins are 1.5 games behind when they were tied (and could have been .5 over if it weren't for the Twins' sucking yesterday.

And tonite, Kevin Slowey pitching a quality start (so far) giving up 3 runs (so far) on 2 homeruns. Grr...those homeruns kill us.

We've had people in scoring postition with NO OUTS TWICE and no runs coming in. Does this mean we don't deserve to win? If they don't produce runs, yes.

So much for the series win because the chances of winning cliff lee are SLIM. And then we go to Rays' park o doom to try to win against the best team in baseball.

Good Luck Twins, Good Luck.


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