Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ok Boys. Here we go.

First off, sorry for the blogging delay. I didn't really want to blog during the Rays series, but it turns out they won 2 of 4! Go Twins!

Tonight (and the next 2 days) are the biggest games this year. The Sport Announcer dudes on ESPN say the Twins NEED to win at LEAST 2 games in order to stay in the race. This makes me nervous, but when you think about it, the Twins are:

~Have homefield advantage
~Have Slowey pitching the last game (yay!)
~Are basically at the same level as the White Sox
~We have excellent offense (some days, please be on during this series) and defence.
~WE HAVE 2 CHAMPIONS IN THE MAKING!! i.e. Justin Morneau (MVP) and Joe Mauer (Batting Champ)
~The last series' (if we are still in this race) are against KC (us) and Cleveland (C.Sox) and the Indians are playing some GREAT baseball right now...lets hope Chicago has to face Cliff Lee!

ESPN guys say that Chicago is going to have alot of trouble scoring if they don't hit homeruns (Yay! and...oh god! at the same time) 1. Thats good news that they won't be able to score that easily, 2. We have given up like 1000 HR's in the past week.... yikes.

WE DO NOT NEED TO BE GIVING UP HOMERS HERE (ok starters and Joe Nathan??!)

Twins, don't be nervous. Play Hard and Play Smart. The whole state of MN is rooting for you!!



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