Saturday, September 27, 2008

Walking on eggshells

Twins, you are SOOOO lucky that Chicago lost yesterday. Today, lets win and keep the sox from sneaking up on us.

I am really excited for Mauer right now because he is sooo close to becoming a batting champ for the second time around. He is currently 6 points up of Pedroia with 2 games left. C'mon Mauer!!

Some more great news is Slowey's MRI came back and there is nothing wrong but a bruised wrist (whew!).


Do you want the playoffs? You gotta play tough and earn that spot. I really don't want a tie breaker game as most twins fans don't, and you Twins don't want to either. So lets take care of buisness now, and cruise through the playoffs!


As of 3:04 PM, Twins are leading 2-0. Keep it up guys!


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