Friday, October 3, 2008

Oh Twins...

Sorry this took so long to post. It really took me a while to think of what to say but here goes...

First of all, Nick Blackburn, you pitched one helluva game. If stupid Danks hadn't been on a great streak and our offense (oh Cuddyer was SO close to scoring!!) had been a bit better. One run is really good expecially against HR Chicago.

It was really tough for me when we lost. It was so heartbreaking that the Twins lost that I was in just a glum mood the whole day friday. Just thinking about it made me almost cry.

The game gave me alot of "what if's"
What if we had beaten the worst Seattle more than we did?
What if Detroit actually tried in the chicago game?
What if Cuddyer's leg hadn't been broken and he could have beaten the throw to the plate?
What if Neshek was still with us?
What if chicago had lost just one more game in the season. What if we had won one more?

Ah....There is alot to think about...but I know that next year the Twins are going to fight so hard. And hey, we were the only ones to beat Cliff Lee this season!

We deserved to be in the post season. The white sox can't beat the sox, rays, or angels...while the twins can beat the Rays and Angels.....and sox but not that often.

Oh, and Tampa will take care of the sox....don't you worry.

P.S. At least we got ourselves a batting champion...AGAIN!!!


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