Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jason Bartlett wins me a free taco

Ok, Off my withdrawal of no twins baseball (it's hard...very very hard), I am now cheering for the Rays more than ever before. I have a good feeling for them. And, Jason Bartlett is the player for October on my Twins calander (yes, they obviously made it before he was traded). Is that a sign or what?

Ok, so they lost the first game, but they still have a whole bunch of power (aka my Rays Fav. Evan Longoria) and Talent (Jason Bartlett) to win the World series. They are not going to let the little phillies beat them. The only person I root for on that team is Chase Utley. He is the coolest....but Rays are better...don't worry!

Anyway...Good Luck tonite Rays. I will be watching from my couch downstairs. Go Bartlett...and Garza from the bench :)


Tricia said...

Mmmm...tacos. And go Rays!

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