Sunday, October 11, 2009

I hate Mark Texiera.

..And whoever was playing left field (Melky Cabrera?) during the DOUBLE that Mauer hit. He is a cheater. The whole Yankee organization are cheaters. I hope whoever that was has enormous guilt....and the umpire too, who should seriously be fined/kicked out/fired/etc. What does he umpire normally? Kinderball?? Gah, this issue bugs me so much!

Here is my song that is for tonight:

"We're gunna win twins, we're gunna score. We're going to kick those Yanks right out the back door. Lets hit a homerun, and show Texeira whose right! Cheer for the Minnesota Twins to-night!"

Gah, I hate those fricken Yanks.


Tricia said...

I hate Mark Teixiera too. He has a smugly face. >:(

S.Rail said...

Oh! I agree! His face is so...UGH! Jeter used to be at the top of my "Yankee Players I hate" list but now HE is WAY up there at #1.

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